Analysis of the political Facebook discussion in Austria

“The digital report is a project designed to promote knowledge about digital topics. It was launched by Ingrid Brodnig as Austria’s Digital Champion, an independent function for promoting awareness of digitisation. The digital report provides data analysis, technical articles and teaching materials for teachers.” https://www.digitalreport.at/
This Austrian project analyzed the structure of the political discussion in Austria on Facebook using Facebook’s programming interface (API) and a Python script developed in-house, which is made available as open source at Github github.com/Digitalreport. See also the interesting methodological approaches “Luca Hammer: Data Analysis in the Age of Social Networks. How easy and yet difficult it is to create data analyses” https://www.digitalreport.at/datenanalyse-im-zeitalter-sozialer-netzwerke/
Apart from the Austrian peculiarities, it must be said:
“On the political Facebook pages, a minority dominates the discourse. One fifth of users write almost three quarters of all postings (73 percent)”.
In a separate article, the postings during the 2017 National Council election campaign will be analysed once again. A minority of extremely active users as well as automated entries are found. “Our research shows that there are other simple ways to manipulate political discourse. Numerous websites sell deceptively real fake fans with names and photos. People offer their real accounts in forums. For money, liken or comment on the desired page.”
An exemplary analysis that is clearly presented and graphically well prepared.