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Filter bubble at google?

The personalization of search engine results and the networking of social networks has advantages and disadvantages. If I am interested in golf as a sport and do not click hits related to the car or the Gulf Stream, the algorithms will show me similar hits and related advertisements in the future. The more I click on certain pages, the more often they will be displayed. In extreme cases, my own website is displayed in one of the first places of the search results, because it is constantly controlled and accessed, while it is almost invisible to all other users. The device, PC, tablet, mobile phone with operating system and browser are also read out. With the same search query you get different results with different devices and sometimes different prices in Internet shops and when booking trips.
Whether this results in a filter bubble is controversial. See, e.g. Sebastian Meinek: Deshalb ist „Filterblase“ die blödeste Metapher des Internets, motherboard 9.3.2018 
In any case, I can actively counteract this as a user by regularly deleting search history and cookies, protecting the browser with complementary tools such as Ghostery, or even better, from the outset in a virtual environment. In addition, I am actively required as a user and not the willless object of the search engine: Fuck the Bubble: So bringst du deine Filterblase zum Platzen
Concrete studies on the effects of personalization are unfortunately not convincing. The Research project „#Datenspende: Google und die Bundestagswahl 2017“  has now devoted itself to this problem. The investigation is based on the search for 9 politicians and parties in Germany, which were repeated at regular intervals. As a result, it turned out that the search results differ only marginally.
The problem with this study lies in the nature of the search queries. They limit themselves to what is referred to in retrieval known item search, the search for facts that you already know. The meaningfulness is therefore very limited. The consequences of personalization under which circumstances on the supply of information can not be clarified.