Data as Menetekel 4: The secret of the 400,000

In the political discussion, data form the basis of a rational discussion. Data as a warning disguise and manipulate this discussion. The example of a shortage of skilled workers in Germany. There should be a shortage of skilled workers
2005 400.000
2007 400.000
2008 400.000
2010 400.000
2017 400.000
2018 500.000
There will also be a shortage of skilled workers in Switzerland by 2030. It is – who could be surprised – 400,000.
400,000 are obviously a number with which one can form public opinion without having to enter directly into options for action. Some critical contributions already show that there are some concrete things to discuss.

„Fachkräftemangel ist ein Kassenschlager“
Jakob Osman: So führen uns Politiker und Lobbyisten in die Irre. Das Märchen vom Fachkräftemangel, Manager Magazin 09.03.2017