RSS-Feeds: Dead, alive or resurrected?

RSS is dead, says a comment on heise online ((Fabian A. Scherschel: RSS ist tot und das ist eine Schande heise online 03.08.2013) Last Firefox has removed the RSS reader and where in former times the access to RSS was easily possible with the help of the symbol, the access is mostly only hidden in submenus as services possible.
But due to the fake news in the social media, the use of RSS is increasing again. Marcus Schuler: Totgesagte leben länger, 15.06.2018 and Wiederauferstanden von den Toten, 26.06.2018

RSS makes it possible to subscribe to trustworthy media and blogs that only publish irregularly and to get a quick overview by skimming the headlines. Websites that do not offer an RSS feed can be converted into an RSS feed using feed43. An overview of the tools is available on tn3 “RSS-Reader: Die besten Plattformen und Apps für echte Feed-Junkies“ 
However, many users do not understand how to set up a digital workstation with different tools or to aggregate different sources, e.g. with Netvibes 

P.S. On August 13, the Süddeutsche Zeitung published a love letter to RSS: “My devotion is to technology, and the recipients are my readers.”
Simon Hurtz: Darum sollten Sie RSS nutzen, Sueddeutsche Zeitung 13.8.2018

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