Data as Menetekel 3: 500000 immigrants

How to turn a spring report from the economic institutes into Menetekel- Fake-News

We need a pension with 70 – or 500,000 immigrants per year” is the title of the WELT 19.04.2018 and continues in the article:
In view of the government’s latest promises, researchers see only two options for keeping contribution rates stable: Either the Germans will work until they are over 70, or they will attract young, employed immigrants. In that case, it is calculated that more than 500,000 people would have to enter the country every year.”
With the corresponding tenor, this report went through the other media.
In the spring report of the economic institutes p. 61 the exact opposite is stated:
“An increase in the statutory pension insurance contribution rate could in principle be prevented by raising the retirement age beyond 67 years or by increasing immigration of younger workers, but both seem unrealistic in view of the necessary dimensions: the contribution rate to the statutory old-age pension insurance following the introduction of the planned pension scheme In the long-term, to cap performance increases to 20 percent, the retirement age would theoretically have to exceed 70 years, or the inflow of younger workers would exceed 500,000 every year. “
So they demand neither the one nor the other, but criticize the pension increase of the Federal Government.