Betrug bei Google Scholar

Hazem Ibrahim, Fengyuan Liu, Yasir Zaki1, Talal Rahwan: Google Scholar is manipulatable, Studie auf 07.02.2024 zeigen auf: Fake Artikel können bei Google Scholar gelistet werden und Fake-Zitierungen können bei Firmen bestellt werden. “Citations are widely considered in scientists’ evaluation. As such, scientists may be incentivized to inflate their citation counts. While previous literature has examined self-citations and citation cartels, it remains unclear whether scientists can purchase citations. Here, we compile a dataset of ∼1.6 million profiles on Google Scholar to examine instances of citation fraud on the platform. We survey faculty at highly-ranked universities, and confirm that Google Scholar is widely used when evaluating scientists. Intrigued by a citation-boosting service that we unravelled during our investigation, we contacted the service while undercover as a fictional author, and managed to purchase 50 citations. These findings provide conclusive evidence that citations can be bought in bulk, and highlight the need to look beyond citation counts.”