Open Source search engine

Stract is an open source search engine where the user has the ability to see exactly what is going on and customize almost everything about their search results. It’s a search engine made for hackers and tinkerers just like ourselves. No more searches where some of the terms in the query arent used, and the engine tries to guess what you really meant. You get what you search for.
Our Values
Complete transparency — You can view our code and follow the development directly on Github
Privacy focussed — We will never track you. Period. And you can always verify this in our source code.
Immensely customizable — We aim to give you the ability to customize everything about the search. You can block sites, boost sites, prioritize links from specific sites and much, much more.”
Neben der normalen Suche mit Suchbegriffen ist eine Suche nach ähnlichen Webseite, ausgehende von einer URL, möglich.